The Farm to Cafeteria Network maintains a database on our webpage of both producers and institutions that are engaged in local procurement. Currently, we’re working in collaboration with Alternative Energy Resource Organization’s (AERO) Abundant Montana project to combine our mapping efforts and generate one comprehensive service. The chief goal of the Abundant Montana Directory is to grow our local food production by providing free advertising to Montana producers, and linking them directly to their markets.   A go-to resource for farmer’s markets, sustainable agriculture and businesses, and agritourism opportunities, Abundant Montana contains around 300 listings (and growing!) fro m across the state. This spring, as part of a USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program grant, AERO implemented significant updates to the site:  You can now take greater charge of your listings, add calendar events, and make changes and additions directly.  They have also added a host of new opportunities including CSA descriptions, product locations, social media links, analytics allowing you to monitor web views, and an expanded product list.  Final upgrades by AERO will be followed by a promotional marketing campaign released when your season begins! (During a previous marketing campaign, the site saw upwards of 1,000 hits a week! And now you can track the hits for your listing on Abundant!)  If you’re not already involved with Abundant Montana please visit their webpage and submit a new listing or claim your listing and update today!