Do you believe Montana children deserve to enjoy healthy Montana foods in their school meals? HB667, the Farm to School Grant Act, which would give schools additional funding to increase local food purchases for school meal programs and educational activities to promote nutrition and Montana agriculture.

The Farm to School Grant has the potential to:

  • Spur economic growth. Montana schools serve 19 million meals per year, providing an excellent opportunity for farmers, ranchers, and food businesses to sell their products to schools and thus to have a steady market opportunity. Each dollar spent on local foods creates up to $2.16 in additional local economic activity.
  • Enhance kids’ health. Montana children will have access to healthy, fresh foods in schools by providing needed funding incentives to K-12 schools to purchase, promote, and educate about Montana grown and raised foods. After participating in Montana Harvest of the Month, children increased their acceptance of the Harvest of the Month foods. Research indicates farm to school programs can increase children’s consumption of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Farm to school programs improve school meal quality. 1 in 6 Montana children struggle with hunger and need high-quality, healthy foods in school.
  • Promote Montana agriculture. Improve Montanans’ knowledge and attitudes toward agriculture, food, nutrition, and environment. This can lead to increased access of healthy, local foods and improved food security.

Farm to school is a win-win-win! Learn more from Montana No Kid Hungry’s One-Pager and urge your legislator to support HB667.

How to Take Action