The Pandemic is rolling into its 12th month and we’ve all seen life – and business – change around us. It has also given us the opportunity to contemplate new adventures, new projects, new businesses, and … new food products to make and sell.

In this webinar, Gail Nickel-Kailing, an experienced food marketing professional, will give a strategic business approach to pricing new products and new variations on current products. Gail will explain how to price strategically to offer your product at a logical and competitive price point. By working through a detailed worksheet, you’ll analyze all the “total cost” of producing your food product: ingredients, labor, packaging, overhead, and margins (your profit, a distributor’s profit, and the retailer’s profit).

While this is not intended to be a product marketing workshop, Gail will also touch on product positioning, messaging, and labeling as she goes along. For those residents of Montana, new opportunities for producers to get involved with Montana Harvest of the Month will be shared.

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Lizzie Gill, NCAT local foods specialist, will serve as moderator for the webinar. For more information, contact Lizzie at