Resources for Food Service Professionals

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Make sure to check back for a comprehensive list of Montana producers who are interested in selling to institutions!

Distributors that carry Montana Products    There are many distributors, large and small, that carry Montana food products.  Below we’ve included the names of a few, including a list of Montana products carried by Sysco and FSA.  Also,  if there’s a Montana product you’d like your vendor to carry, make a request!  Vendors value your institution’s business and may be happy to add a new item to their product list.

Sysco Montana Products      Food Services of America Montana Products

Quality Foods Distributing in Bozeman carries Montana grains, meat, dairy, and more.

Western Montana Growers’ Cooperative (WMGC) in Ronan uses Charlie’s Produce, based out of Spokane, as their main distributor.  Charlie’s  serves most of Western Montana, including Bozeman, Butte, and Helena.  To place an order or check on product availability, you can contact the Co-op at (406) 726-4769.

**NEW!  Check WMGC’s product list here!


Tips and Tools for Food Service Professionals

Purchasing Local Food Guide 2012     Though originally developed with schools in mind, this how-to guide includes a local procurement safety checklist, info on how to apply geographic preference in the bidding process, and other helpful tips and resources that are applicable for food service professionals in all institutions.

Montana Beef In Schools 2012    What is the difference between wet-aged and dry-aged beef?  What state-inspected meat processor is closest to your institution?  Developed by the Montana Department of Agriculture with schools in mind, this 4-page document is a comprehensive guide to sourcing Montana raised and finished beef for your institution.

Healthy Food in Health Care; A Menu of Options.  This easy-to-read publication includes 14 ideas for ways to improve nutrition and food quality in  health care facilities, from designating your institution a fast food-free zone to starting a kitchen compost.  The document was created by Healthy Food in Health Care, a national initiative that seeks to catalyze sustainable procurement efforts, create clinician advocates, and inspire health care institutions to become leaders in shaping a food system that supports prevention-based health care.



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Producer Database

Get information about Montana food producers, processors, and distributors who are interested in selling to institutions.

Institution Database

Get information about Montana institutions utilizing local food systems to put food on the table.

The Farm to Cafeteria Manual for Montana is now available!

FTC Montana Manual
We’re excited to announce our new resource, the Farm to Cafeteria Manual for Montana, a how-to for farmers, ranchers, foodservice directors, and community leaders.

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