Farm to Cafeteria Programs Across Montana

This database contains information about those Montana institutions utilizing local food systems to put food on the table. Here you can find info on Farm to School, Farm to College, Farm to Prison, and Farm to Healthcare Programs across Montana.

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Total Institutions Displayed: 136

Institution NameCityContactPhone/EmailMeals Served P/DayDescriptionFoods Sourced Locally
21st Century After School Program for Conrad Public SchoolsConrad
ACES after school - Bigfork; Kila; Marion; Deer Park; Swan RiverBigfork Cathy Hay (406) 249-9598
Advanced Care Hospital Billings Gwen Rodriguez
Alder SchoolAlder Renata Nichols 406-596-3328
Beaverhead County High SchoolDillon Kim Konen 406-683-2361
Belgrade Middle SchoolBelgrade Dana Brandt (406) 924-2516
Big Sky Discovery AcademyBig Sky Lindsie Hurlbut (406) 570-9149
Bigfork SchoolBigfork Ginny Kirby 406-837-7409
100-500 I order fruits and vegetables from local growers in the area. At least once a week there is something local on the lunch line. Apples Beets Squash Carrots Beef
Billings Career Center (Cafe Protege) Billings Bill Jensen (406) 247-3036
Billings YMCA; B/G Club Cascade Co.; B/G Club Deer Lodge/Anaconda PCA; B/G Club Flathead & Lake Co.; B/G Club Hi-Line; B/G Club Lewistown; B/G Club Northern Cheyenne; B/G Club Yellowstone; Columbia Falls School District #6; Frazer School District #2; FrieHelena Debbie Hansen 406 444-9467
Boulder Elementary SchoolBoulder Rochelle Hesford
Our Farm to School Program is run mostly by our FoodCorps Service Member. We also have a Farm to School committee that involves community members; teachers; and the Food Service Manager. We have a greenhouse and garden on campus; and a donated garden off campus. These areas are used for hands-on education for the students and families of 21st Century Program participants. Food from this garden is used in the kitchen during the summer feeding program and the school year program to raise money for our program through the local farmer\'s market; for educational life-skills classes; and for kids to take produce home.
Box ElderBox Elder (406) 395-4270 Ext. 214
Boys & Girls Club of Richland County Afterschool ProgramSidney Elaine Stedman 406.433.6763
Bozeman Public SchoolsBozeman Aubree Roth
1500-2000 Bozeman School Food Service partners with Gallatin Valley Farm to School and they provide nutrition education to area schools. We are always looking for MT made products to include in our lunches. Pasta; honey; spices; produce; bratwurst; baked potatoes.
Broadwater Elementary SACC ProgramHelena Kirstan Roush (406) 465-2311
Brorson Elementary SchoolSidney Kelsie Haggard 406-798-3361
Butte School District: West & Whittier ElementaryButte Kurt Marthaller (406) 533- 2591
Our Farm to Cafeteria program encompasses three main areas: nutrition education; gardens; and local/healthy food in the cafeteria. We have a Farm to School Committee that works on achieving goals in these areas and bringing healthy local food to Butte kids! We have two established gardens in Butte that are used by teachers and students in classrooms and clubs. We have one school garden that is being built and we have one garden at NCAT that is used by students at the neighboring school. In addition to experiencing the garden many students participate in nutrition and cooking classes with FACS teachers; the FoodCorps service memberand volunteers. Currently the Butte cafeterias are working on improving the nutrition of our school meals. We are excited to introduce new items like smoothies! We also serve one local; Montana grown or raised item a month as part of a Harvest of the Month program. So far this year we have served local squash; kale; apples; carrots; beets and beef! The students participate in educational activities surrounding these local items.
Cayuse Prairie School k-8thKalispell Kristen Skees 406-756-4560
Cecelia Hazelton KindergartenTownsend
Charlo Schools Fresh Fruit and VeggieCharlo Ginger Zempel 406-644-2206
Cherry Valley Elementary; Linderman Elementary; Polson Middle SchoolPolson Lexie Gallegos (720) 365-6626
Chester-Joplin-Inverness Chester Kaitlyn Lyders (406) 759-5108
Chickadee Pre-SchoolLivingston Celeste Mascari 406-223-6557
Chinook High School; K-6 Meadowlark Elementary; Cleveland Elementary; 7-12 High SchoolChinook Heidi Brown (406) 357-3812
Clark Fork SchoolMissoula Jenna Tomiello 406-728-3395
Columbus Elementary & Middle SchoolsColumbus Sarah Peters (406) 322-5373
Corvallis School District: Quinten Brown Primary; Edna Thomas 5/6; 7/8 afterschoolCorvallis Kathy Martin 406-961-3201 ext 109
Dahl Memorial HealthcareEkalaka
Less than 100 Local gardeners bring in produce fall summer long much to the enjoyment of all of our Nursing Home residents. There is no program set up; it is just caring people that enjoy seeing how much the residents enjoy fresh vegetables!
Darby Public SchoolsDarby Lisa Poe 4(06) 821-1307
100-500 On December 12 2012 I was hired to fulfill a grant for research on how a Farm to Cafeteria program will work at Darby Public School. We have a lot left to accomplish before we can get the wheels rolling completely on this program; but we feel optimistic and excited for the healthier and more economical changes in the 2013-2014 year. We do not purchase local/Montana foods on a regular basis YET. We have used local foods in the past but not on a continual and regular basis. Hopefully that will change this year.
Denton Public SchoolDenton Summer Squires 406-567-2270
Drummond JH/HS and Drummond Elementary SchoolDrummond Marretta McGowan 406-288-3281
Early Childhood Center at Flathead Community College Kalispell Renee August 406-756-3991
East Valley Middle SchoolE. Helena Deb Felton 406-227-7712
Ennis SchoolsEnnis Nichole Bailey (406) 579-9199
100-500 In our small school district there are certainly time and capacity barriers to processing local whole foods but with the combined efforts of Madison Farm to Fork (MF2F: a local non-profit) and the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) classes; these barriers are being overcome. Local produce for Ennis Schools' salad bar comes both from the greenhouse operated by MF2F as well as the school garden tended by students. This produce is then processed by high school FCS students to be made ready for the cafeteria! Julienne Beef Strips from Montana Meat Co. Garden produce for the salad bar from MF2F.
Fairfield Leading Youth (FLY)Fairfield Amy Mills 406-467-2425
Flathead County Public Health Kalispell Jeannine Lund
Flathead Valley Community CollegeKalispell
More than 2500 We are just in the process of starting a Farm to Cafeteria program at FVCC in 2013. Recently the College approved the initiation of a two-year agriculture program that is slated to include the operation of a large produce farm. The intention is that the farm will grow produce for College enterprises. As well our VISTA memeber (Farm to College) Kimbra Buerschaper has been working with our Food Purchaser to increase the purchase of locally grown food at the College.\r\n Not sure at this point. None on a regular basis.
Frazer SchoolFrazer
Frenchtown ElementaryFrenchtown Deena Putnam 406-626-2645
Gardiner SchoolGardiner Anna Holloway 406-848-7563
Geyser Elementary; Jr. High and High SchoolGeyser Lynn Thompson (406) 735-4368
GHS; FHS; KMS; Petersen; Elrod; Hedges; Edgerton; Russell; Cayuse Praire; Smith Valley; TrinityKalispell Jana Graham 406-751-3646
Glacier; Gateway; RuderW Glacier Laurie Iunghuhn 406-892-6500 ext. 284
Glasgow Middle School and GLasgow High SchoolGlasgow Karleen Fossum 406-228-2485
Greenfield SchoolFairfield Salley Young 406-788-5526
Less than 100 I incorporate local products in every meal every week. 100% of the milk; ground beef; honey; fresh potatoes; and eggs we serve year in and year out are locally grown. About 50% of our bread is made from Montana milled flour. Our Milk comes from Bozeman; our ground beef comes from a ranch at Power. Local ground beef is served 12 times in my 8 week menu cycle in various dishes. We serve locally grown fresh potatoes 4 times in our 8 week cycle. [White potatoes baked and red potatoes roasted] I incorporate local products in every meal every week. 100% of the milk; ground beef; honey; fresh potatoes; and eggs we serve year in and year out are locally grown. About 50% of our bread is made from Montana milled flour. Our milk comes from Bozeman.
Hamilton School DistrictHamilton Bonnie Skelton 406-363-5038
Hardin High School; Hardin Middle School; Hardin Intermediate School; Hardin Primary School; Crow Agency Public School; Fort Smith Public SchoolHardin Patrice O'Loughlin 406.665.5412
Hawthorne School & Flagship programMissoula Diana Tackett 728-2400 ext. 4280
Hays Lodge Pole K-8 SchoolHays Dr. Margaret Campbell 406-673-3120
Heck/Quaw ElementaryBelgrade Dana Brandt (406) 924-2515
Helena Family YMCA Afterschool ProgramsHelena Darla Dexter 406442-9622
Helena Food ShareHelena Kara Snyder 406-443-3663
Helena Middle SchoolHelena Lori Cope (406) 324-1070
Hinsdale Public SchoolHinsdale Patti Armbrister (406) 364-2314
Less than 100 The students grow fruits and vegetables in the schools outdoor classroom. The food is harvested and served at the school. Potatoes beef pork donated by the farm to school and grown at the school; beets carrots tomatoes cucumbers kale onions peppers pumpkin; summer and winter squash garlic and herbs.
Hobson Public SchoolHobson Robina Davis 406-366-2627
Less than 100 I purchase Montana products that are available on the OPI bid order and use them for school lunch - also purchase local honey from local grocery for use in lunch program Wheat Montana flours Taylor honey Montana milk local beef 4-H (once per year)
Holy Rosary HealthcareMiles City
Hot Springs School DistrictHot Springs Beki Uski 406-741-2014
100-500 I asked for produce donations and a lady here had a huge garden and brought in 300#s of produce so we started buying from her. Now next year she will grow even more and I will get to request what we need and want. Potatoes carrots zucchini tomatoes squash onions cucumbers
Husky Club Afterschool ProgramBelt Lori Swanson (406) 277-3351
Kalispell Public Schools Food ServiceKalispell Jenny Montague 406-751-3646
More than 2500 Sourcing local food is one of our program\'s priorities in line with feeding kids healthier; better tasting food to enhance the learning environment. We structure our menu and budget to try and accommodate local and regional purchases. We are a year and half into our goals and are currently purchasing about 13% of our food within Montana. Beef Patties Wheat MT Bread Apples Melons Tomatoes Lentils Oats Seasonal Vegetables and other Fruit (Beets Pears Plums Potatoes Carrots Lettuce Greens). We don't count milk from Meadowgold Dairy
Kalispell Regional HealthcareKalispell Seth Bostick 406-756-7541
1500-2500 We source and seek out local grains; produce and beef whenever available.
Kalispell Regional Medical CenterKalispell Lisa Mahoney 406-751-2978
1500-2500 Use sustainable local produce; meat & grains within the montana market; if not available then within the northwest. Support local economy and expose our cutomer bast to quality healthful foods from our region.\\r\\n Beef Flour Kamut(r) Lentils Peas Barley Assorted Tomatoes Fresh Herbs Squash Cherries Melons Apples
Kinsey Elementary Kinsey Shyla Barnosky (406) 232-2440
KMS; Elrod; Hedges; Edgerton; Russell; Smith Valley; Trinity; GHS; FHS; Petersen Kalispell Jana Graham 406-751-3646
LaMotte After-School Club Bozeman Mary Cota (406) 586-2838
Lewistown Public SchoolsLewistown Amie D Friesen 406-366-0501
500-1000 Our school uses all locally grown and processed beef. We try to purchase from local businesses that sell their product through Sysco or FSA (our suppliers.) Beef flour hot cereal milk
Libby Afterschool ProgramLibby Mandy Bell (406) 263-7485
Libby Central; Elementary; Middle & High SchoolsLibby Ellen Mills 406-293-8811
Liberty Medical CenterChester Brandy Thielman 406-759-5181
Less than 100 We but fresh produce from the Huterite Colony when they have it Potatoes cabbage carrots onions
Lincoln McKinnleyHavre Shanna Flores (406) 395-8550
Livingston Food Resource Center Livingston Kelsey Tanner 406-222-5535
Livingston HealthCareLivingston Jessica Williams 406-823-6604
100-500 We purchase 24% of our food dollar within the state of MT.\\\\r\\\\n This list is relatively long; if you email me I will provide this list to you.
Livingston SchoolsLivingston Rachael Jones 406)220-2204
Lockwood Boys & Girls ClubBillings Kelsie Larson 563-419-2993
100-500 We have started to implement the harvest of the month program. We have been doing educational programs with the harvest of the month product 1-2 times per week. Implementing consistent taste testing and working towards getting harvest of the month items in the dinner program. We have purchased beets from WMGC; carrots from Wholesome Foods Farm and apples from John Ross in Billings MT.
Lolo School District 7Lolo Linda Free (406) 273-7168
Lone Rock SchoolStevensville Michele Brunson 406-777-3314 ext. 213
Lowell Elementary SchoolMissoula Jason Mandala 406-239-5524
Farmer in the Classroom is a monthly series developed by a Missoula non-profit; Garden City Harvest; geared toward second graders that teaches them about local foods; nutrition; plant science and food systems; features a taste test of (usually) local produce. Produce is either donated or purchased at low cost from the PEAS Farm; harvested from the community garden or purchased at the local grocery store with funds from the PTA Garden Committee.
Malta Public SchoolsMalta Becky Green 406-654-1034
100-500 We purchased corn on the cob from our local FFa Garden; A local family grows melons cucumbers and other veggies; we purchased melons and cucumbers from them until frost took thier garden. A local meat packing plant delivers hamburger to us as we need it. Corn on the cob cucumbers melons hamburger
Manhattan Christian & Amsterdam SchoolManhattan Brenda Flikkema 406-282-7261
Melstone SchoolMelstone Mary Ellen Ryan 40635822352
Miles City School DistrictMiles City Amanda 406-234-9640
500-1000 We offer farm fresh eggs and seasonally available fruits and vegetables on the salad bar.
MISSING INFORMATIONWolf Point Julie Flynn 406-653-2511
Missoula County Public Schools District #1 Food Service Missoula Edward Christensen 406-728-2400 ext. 5012
More than 2500 Here at MCPS we have been integrating local products into our school lunch and breakfast items for many years. Whenever possible we source local items that can be easily integrated into our existing production system and menu. These include Montana flour in our scratch-baked breakfast items; lentils in soups; apples in the fall; kale chips on the salad bars; and processed vegetables through WMGC and MMFEC. \\r\\n Flour Lentils Apples Kale Zucchini Carrots Beets Potatoes Melons Plums Pasta
Monforton SchoolBozeman Erin Turner (406) 586-1557 ext.133
Montana AcademyMarion Anna McHugh 206-940-3851
100-500 Montana Academy students grow vegetables fruit and herbs for the school cafeteria where the produce is served to over 100 students and staff. Tomatoes apples cherries
Montana RootsLivingston Sam Mascari 406-848-1428
Montana State PrisonDeer Lodge Joe Mihelic 406-846-1320 ext.2120
More than 2500 The MCE Food Factory is a central kitchen we use a Cook-Chill process to produce food for inventory and from that inventory we supply 8 instituton or approximately 12000 meals per production day with nutritionally balanced fresh meals. When ever possible we puchase food items from local vendors. \r\n *MCE produces its own dairy products (milk yogurt ice cream etc.) and purchases miscellaneous local items
Montana State University; Montana Made ProgramBozeman Anna Diffenderfer 406-994-6775
More than 2500 Montana State University Food Services currently works with over 45 local vendors. These Montana Made products are featured; many on a daily basis; in all Food Service operations including the Residence Dining Halls; SUB Retail Locations; University Catering; and Concessions. We host several annual events in an effort to increase awareness and support of strong local food systems including the Local Food Fair and Symposium; Montana Monday Lunches; MontanaFest and Earth Week dining hall meals. Beef; pork; bread; dairy; coffee/tea; produce; grains & pastas; value-added foods
Montana TechButte Alan Couture 406-496-4590
1000-1500 Our program consists of working with local and/or Montana State businesses and food suppliers and obtaining local sourced food wherever and whenever possible. Fresh produce; potatoes
Montana Women's PrisonBillings Bill Peterson 406-247-5126
500-1000 I make an effort to buy as much locally grown/processed food as I can. Bread eggs produce milk cereal beans meat
Montessori Island SchoolLivingston Ruby Ensing 406-222-8808
Moore Public SchoolsMoore Denise Chrest 406-374-2231
Morin ElementaryBillings Shelley Peterson (406) 259-6093
Mountain View Elementary Red Lodge Beth Williams 408-898-0931
Muldown ElementaryWhitefish Jay Stagg 406-862-8620
Napi ElementaryBrowning Graham Schreiber (971) 322-9134
North Valley HospitalWhitefish Amy Foote 406-863-3591
100-500 Kalispell Kreamery Dairy Farm hands program Montana Coffee traders Mountian View Gardens We buy local when ever possible Meadow gold Dairy grains meats coffee produce
Northwest Montana Headstart Kalispell Abbie Barker 406-752-7011
Noxon Public SchoolsNoxon Louise Chandler 406-847-2927
Olney Bissell schoolWhitefish Elen Szalay 4068622828
Origins Preschool Missoula Genevieve King 406-549-0078
Pablo Elementary; K. William Harvey Elementary; Ronan Middle School; Ronan High SchoolRonan
Park County Community Foundation Livingston Carly Burson 406-224-3920
Park County Health Department Livingston Jaqueline Isaly 406-222-4113
Park High School; Sleeping Giant Middle School; East Side Elementary; Winans Elementary; Washington ElementaryLivingston Rachel Jones 406-220-2204
Pioneer Medical CenterBig Timber Kelsey Proue (406) 932-4603
100-500 Wheat Montana; Redneck Sausage; Pioneer Meats; Sweet Grass Dairy
Plentywood Schools K-12Plentywood Beth Linquist (406) 672-2545
Plevna Schools K-12Plevna Travis Isaacs 406-772-5666
Ridgeview ElementaryBelgrade Dana Brandt (406) 924-2514
Rocky Boy School District 21st Century; Rocky Boy JR-Sr HS; Rocky Boy ElementaryBox Elder Deborah LaMere
Russell ElevenKalispell Trish Panique 406-751-3900
Saco Public SchoolSaco Vicki Ellsworth 406-527-3531
Less than 100 Beef pork bread vegetables & fruit when we can get them.
Saddle Peak Afterschool ProgramBelgrade
Sheridan SchoolsSheridan
100-500 We get about 95% of our beef from local ranchers. Only beef
Sheridan Schools (PALZ)Sheridan Sara Decker 4068425302
Somers/Lakeside MT School Dist #29Somers Robin Vogler 406-857-3661
100-500 We have purchased locally since 2006; when I began my Food Service directorship. We buy beef; apples; greens; lentils; root crops and flour from MT sources Apples beef greens lentil; root crops flour
St. Peters HospitalHelena
Stevensville School District #2Stevensville Paula Johnson 406-777-5481 ext; 405
100-500 We purchase apples; pears; plums from a local organic grower We purchase apples pears plums from a local organic grower
Superior SchoolsSuperior Chandra Plakke 406-822-3600 X 230
Sweet Pea Outdoor School Kalispell Rachelle Laster 406-224-5091
Target Range School district #23Missoula Neice Dahlseid 406-549-9239
Terry Public SchoolTerry Kim or Lynn Stickel 406-635-5595
100-500 We use potatoes in the fall when they are freshly harvested; also purchase most of our fresh ground beef from a local producer and fresh garden vegetables are utilized from the community when available. Ground beef stew meat onions eggs
The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability CenterHamilton Samantha O'Byrne 406-240-1768
Trinity Lutheran SchoolBillings Kathy Teachout (706) 564-3173
Twin Bridges school; 21st century afterschool program PRIDETwin Bridges Charlene Breakall 596-0239
University of Montana Dining SevicesMissoula Trevor Lowell 406-243-4042
University of Montana WesternDillon Cheri McCarthy or Louise Bruce 406-683-7355 or l_bruce
1000-1500 Our program started shortly after the Missoula campus began their program. Our mission is directly connected to theirs Beef; pork; honey; dairy; potatoes; specialty dessert products & sauces; produce
University of Montana; Farm to CollegeMissoula Ian Finch 406-243-4042
More than 2500 The UM Farm to College Program supports agriculture and economic development statewide by purchasing Montana products to serve in our dining venues. We educate the campus community and others about Montana food and agriculture thereby strengthening connections between the urban and rural areas of our state. Beef (cooked raw ground and cuts) bacon; buffalo; eggs; pork; lamb; chicken; milk; cheese; bread; buns; bagels; oil; salsa; all fruits and vegetables when in season; wine; beer; pasta; honey; kamut; barley; farro; spelt; flour; tamales; granola; tor
Valley Health Care CenterBillings Gwen Rodriguez 406-656-5010
100-500 starting in spring of 2013 we will be purchasing about 150 pounds of fresh local produce. this will take the place of items currently through Sysco. we currently use a local baker for our breads and they also purchase mainly Montana products. Carrots; melons; peas; brocolli; herbs; tomatos; potatos; lettuce; squash
Village Health Care CenterMissoula Emily McKey; Wendy Barrett 406-240-3868 406-728-9162
100-500 Village Healthcare is ordering as much local produce as possible from Western Montana Growers Cooperative located here in Missoula. We are currently looking to start ordering local grass fed beef from them at this time as well. Our Farm to Cafeteria Program is called Food for Life. Potatoes cauliflower green beans carrots leeks beets yellow squash shredded zucchini
West Glacier ElementaryWest Glacier Kristen Herbert (406) 249-1561
Whitefish Public SchoolWhitefish Jay Stagg 406-862-8620
500-1000 We purchase and grow local produce and are in the process of securing local beef and pork for next school year. In addition our milk and pasta come from within the state. Tomatoes carrots potatoes green beans apples milk pasta squash and herbs.
Whittier; Hawthorne; Meadowlark; Morningstar; Longfellow; Emily Dickinson; Hyalite; Irving; Chief JosephBozeman Erin Jackson (802) 734-7865
winifred public school dist#115winifred Cherry Arthur (406) 462-5420
Wolf Creek SchoolWolf Creek Korrin Kenck-Vanderloos (406) 235-4241
Youth Services CenterBillings Cindi Kluksdahl (406) 256-6825