Farm to Prison Programs

Based on Results from a 2013 Survey

Name Location Please give a brief description of your Farm to Cafeteria program  Who is the primary contact person for the program?   Email address Phone number Who participated in starting the Farm to Cafeteria program?  What year did your institution start serving local food?  On average, how many meals does your institution serve a day? If your institution offers overnight accommodation, how many people generally spend the night?  What are the program's goals for upcoming years?  What local/Montana foods does your institution purchase?  Please list.  Who are the main local food producers your institution purchases from?  How much of your institution's food budget is spent on local/Montana food each year?   *nearest estimate okay - Dollar Amount: How much of your institution's food budget is spent on local/Montana food each year?    How often does your institution purchase local food? How often does your institution serve local food? How does your institution locate/purchase local foods? What broadline distributors does your institute purchase from?  Please describe any educational components of your program such as on-site gardens, workshops, informative publications, etc.  What resources have been most helpful for your institution in locating and purchasing local foods?  
Montana State Prison Deerlodge The MCE Food Factory is a central kitchen we use a Cook-Chill process to produce food for inventory and from that inventory we supply 8 instituton or approximately 12000 meals per production day with nutritionally balanced fresh meals. When ever possible we puchase food items from local vendors.  Joe Mihelic (406) 846-1320 ext.2120   always More than 2,500   Keep producing nutritionally balanced safe cost effective foods to our institutions. And to expaned in the future, help other institutions to reduce food costs *MCE produces its own dairy products (milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) and purchases miscellaneous local items   it varies depending on quarterly bids   Once every 2-3 months Daily Broadline Distributor Sysco, FSA, US Foods, and many others   Work colleagues, quarterly bids process
Montana Womens Prison Billings I make an effort to buy as much locally grown/processed food as I can. Bill Peterson 406-247-5126 Staff, Farmers or Ranchers 2007 500-1,000 194 Continue to buy locally and to get the greenhouse up and running. Bread,eggs,produce,milk,cereal,beans,meat Grains of Montana, Wheat Montana,Yellowstone Bean Company,Negaards Produce, Springwater Colony,Stampede Packing, Cream of the West, Montana Ranch Brands, Great American Bagel, MCE Ranch Dairy 60000 30% Once a week Daily Directly from producer, broadline distributor Sysco, FSA, Spokane Produce, LTW Greenhouse (in process), Master Gardener Program classes Local cooperative, online searches of local producers