Farm to Healthcare Programs

Based on Results from a 2013 Survey

Name Location Please give a brief description of your Farm to Cafeteria program  Who is the primary contact person for the program? Email address Phone number Who participated in starting the Farm to Cafeteria program?  What year did your institution start serving local food?  On average, how many meals does your institution serve a day? overnight accommodation capacity (# of people) What are the program's goals for upcoming years? What local/Montana foods does your institution purchase?  Please list.  Who are the main local food producers your institution purchases from?  How much of your institution's food budget is spent on local/Montana food each year?   *nearest estimate okay - Dollar Amount: How much of your food budget is spent on local food each year?    How often does your institution purchase local food? How often does your institution serve local food? How does your institution locate/purchase local foods?  What broadline distributor(s) does your institute purchase from?  Please describe any educational components of your program  What resources have been most helpful for your institution in locating and purchasing local foods? 
North Valley Hospital Whitefish Kalispell Kreamery Dairy  Farm hands program  Montana Coffee traders  Mountian View Gardens  We buy local when ever possible  Meadow gold Amy Foote 406.863.3591 Administration, Staff,  FoodCorps or AmeriCorps, Patients, Farmers or Ranchers, Processors or distributors 2005 100-500 25 Increase wellness  Provide nutritional education with in the community  Increase utilization dairy, grains, meats, coffee, produce US Foods  Produce depot  Mountian View Gardens  UNFI  Montana Coffee Traders  Kalispell Kreamery  FSA 12000 50% Twice weekly Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op, broadline distributor Food Services of America (FSA), US Foods Farm Hands  Northwind and Wellness Education  Outpatient Consultation   Education by Dietitian at schools Work colleagues
Kalispell Regional Medical Center Kalispell Use sustainable, local produce, meat & grains within the montana market, if not available then within the northwest. Support local economy & expose our cutomer bast to quality, healthful foods from our region. Lisa Mahoney 406.751.2978 Administration, Staff, Community Members, Farmers or Ranchers 2009 1,500-2,500 230 Continue community involment in local, sustainable foods & healthful living. Beef  Flour  Kamut(r)  Lentils  Peas  Barley  Assorted Tomatoes  Fresh Herbs  Squash  Cherries  Melons  Apples Big Sky Natural Beef  Moutain View Gardens  Flathhead Orchards  Montana Growers Co Op  Montana Flour & Grains 205000 18% Three deliveries a week Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op,  Food Services of America (FSA), US Foods Cooking classes, news letters, menu developement Work colleagues, local cooperative, online searches of local producers, farmer's market
Pioneer Medical Center Big Timber   Kelsey Proue 406.932.4603     100-500 35   Wheat Montana  Redneck Sausage  Pioneer Meats  Sweet Grass Dairy Pioneer Meats  Sweet Grass Dairy unknonwn 15% Once a week Daily Directly from producer, broadline distributor Sysco    
Kalispell Regional Healthcare Kalispell We source and seek out local grains, produce and beef whenever available. Seth Bostick 406.756.7541 Administration, Staff, Farmers or Ranchers, Processors or distributors 2000 1,500-2,500 200                      
Dahl Memorial Healthcare Ekalaka Local gardeners bring in produce fall summer long, much to the enjoyment of all of our Nursing Home residents. There is no program set up, it is just caring people that enjoy seeing how much the residents enjoy fresh vegetables!         Unknown Less than 100                        
Holy Rosary Healthcare Miles City                                      
Liberty Medical Center Chester,MT We but fresh produce from the Huterite Colony when they have it Brandy Thielman 406.759.5181 Farmers or Ranchers 2009 Less than 100 we have 21 extended care beds to buy as much local produce as possible potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions Huterite colony 500   Once a week Daily, until out of season Directly from producer Sysco, FSA none Farmer's Market
Livingston HealthCare Livingston We purchase 24% of our food dollar within the state of MT. Jessica Williams 406.823.6604 Staff 2007 100-500 11 on average   The list is realtively long, if you email me I will provide this list to you. This list is relatively long, if you email me I will provide this list to you.   24% 2-3 days per week. Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op, broadline distributor Sysco, FSA   Work colleagues, local cooperative, farmer's market, WSE
Valley Health Care Center Billings starting in spring of 2013, we will be purchasing about 150 pounds of fresh local produce.  this will take the place of items currently through Sysco.  we currently use a local baker for our breads, and they also purchase mainly Montana products. Gwen Rodriguez 406.656.5010 Administration, Staff, Farmers or Ranchers 2013 100-500 120 start with produce, then move into local meats, working with co ops to have local foods year yound carrots,melons, peas, brocolli,herbs, tomatos, potatos, lettuce, squash three hearts farm not sure yet   Once a week Daily Directly from producer Sysco   Work colleagues