Farm to School Programs

Based on Results from a 2013 Survey

School Name Location Please give a brief description of your Farm to Cafeteria program  Who is the primary contact person for the program?   Email address Phone number Who participated in starting the Farm to Cafeteria program? What year did your institution start serving local food?  # of meals served each day Free and reduced lunch rate  What are the program's goals for upcoming years?  What local/Montana foods does your institution purchase?   Who are the main local food producers your institution purchases from?   How much of your institution's food budget is spent on local/Montana food each year?    How often does your institution purchase local food? How often does your institution serve local food? How does your institution locate/purchase local foods?  What broadline distributor(s), if any, does your institute purchase from?  Describe any educational components of your program What resources have been most helpful for your institution in locating and purchasing local foods?  
Butte School District No. 1 Butte   Mark Harrison 406-533-2590 Administration, Staff, Community members, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps members, Farmers or ranchers 2012 1,500-2,500 25-50% Find cost effective local food products Beef    Carrots  Apples   .001% Only on special occasions On special occasions Local Distributor or Co-op, NCAT assisted Sysco, FSA, Butte Produce A couple of our schools have gardens FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member, NCAT
Bozeman Public Schools Bozeman Bozeman School Food Service partners with Gallatin Valley Farm to School and they provide nutrition education to area schools.  We are always looking for MT made products to include in our lunches. Aubree Roth   Staff, community members, processors or distributors 2009 1,500-2,500 0-25% TO increase local food purchases. Pasta, honey, spices, produce, bratwurst, baked potatoes. Pasta Montana, Montana Best Meats, Darigold milk, various local produce farms. 20% Only on special occasions Once a week Gallatin Valley Farm to School liason Sysco, FSA on-site gardens, classroom instruction, on-line resources, workshops FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member
Darby Public Schools Darby On December 12, 2012 I was hired to fulfill a grant for research on how a Farm to Cafeteria program will work at Darby Public School.  We have a lot left to accomplish before we can get the wheels rolling completely on this program, but we feel optimistic and excited for the healthier and more economical changes in the 2013-2014 year. Shayla Dawn Smith 406-274-6192 Administration, Staff 2013-2014 100-500   We have tons of goals!  Contact Shayla for a detailed list We do not purchase local/Montana foods on a regular basis YET. We have used local foods in the past but not on a continual and regular basis. Hopefully, that will change this year. Sysco and Food Services of America   So far, we just got the grant and we have not implemented this program as of yet. Just getting started… On-site garden, local distributor or Co-op; We are planning on purchasing from WMGC and having a local garden and greenhouse. Sysco, FSA We are planning a school garden; currently we have a greenhouse and we are working on its growth and development Local cooperative, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member, Farmer's market
Hamilton School District Hamilton   Bonnie Skelton 363-5038     500-1,000                      
Hot Springs School District Hot Springs I asked for produce donations and a lady here had a huge garden and brought in 300#s of produce, so we started buying from her.  Now next year she will grow even more and I will get to request what we need and want. Beki Uski 406-741-2014 Residents 2012 100-500 50-75% See if we can keep it going potatoes  carrots  zucchini  tomatoes  squash   onions  cucumbers individual 400; 1% Once every 2-3 months, seasonally Once every 2-3  months, seasonally Directly from producer Food Services of America (FSA) none  
Kalispell Public Schools Food Service Kalispell Sourcing local food is one of our program's priorities, in line with feeding kids healthier, better tasting food to enhance the learning environment.  We structure our menu and budget to try and accommodate local and regional purchases.  We are a year and half into our goals and are currently purchasing about 13% of our food within Montana. Jenny Montague 406-751-3646 Administration, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps members, processors or distributors 2011 More than 2,500 50-75% We would like to be sourcing 15% of our food locally by October 2013. Beef Patties, Wheat MT Bread, Apples, Melons, Tomatoes, Lentils, Oats, Seasonal Vegetables and other Fruit (Beets, Pears, Plums, Potatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Greens).  We don't count milk from Meadowgold Dairy Western Montana Growers' Co-Op, Lower Valley Meat Processor, Mountainview Gardens 80000; 10% Once a week Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op   2 School Gardens  After-School Cooking Classes  Community Cooking Classes  Local food noted Menu Publications Local cooperative, work colleagues, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member
Lewistown Public Schools Lewistown We don't have a specifically named program but try to use local products when they are available Cindy Giese 406 535-5261   2008 500-1,000 50-75% We will continue to try to use local products as much as possible based on availability and cost. Wheat Montana flour, honey, seasonal melons, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash, Meadow Gold milk Big Sandy Melons $1,500; <1% once a week, in season for fresh; weekly or monthly for dry products Daily (flour in our baking) Directly from producer, broadline distributor Sysco, FSA   word of mouth
Lowell Elementary School Missoula Farmer in the Classroom is a monthly series developed by a Missoula non-profit, Garden City Harvest, geared toward second graders that teaches them about local foods, nutrition, plant science and food systems; features a taste test of (usually) local produce. Jason Mandala 406.239.5524 Administration, Staff, students The local food taste tests are once monthly events.   50-75% Expand Farmer in the Classroom to other grade levels, collaborate with another Willard Alternative High School in Missoula to create a mentorship program for high schoolers to teach the Farmer in the Classroom Workshops  produce is either donated or purchased at low cost from the PEAS Farm, harvested from the community garden or purchased at the local grocery store with funds from the PTA Garden Committee. PEAS Farm.     Once a month On-site garden, directly from producer   On site gardens, workshops Local cooperative, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member, PEAS farm
Malta Public Schools Malta, Montana We purchased corn on the cob, from our local FFa Garden, A local family grows melons, cucumbers and other veggies, we purchased melons and cucumbers from them until frost took thier garden.  A local meat packing plant delivers hamburger to us as we need it. Becky Green 406-654-1034 Staff, Students, Processors or distributors 2010 100-500 50-75% We will continue to buy whatever we can locally corn on the cob, cucumbers, melons, hamburger Malta FFA  Montana Melons  Bear Paw Meats 4000; 5% Once every 2-3 months, when it is available   Directly from producer Food Services of America (FSA)   word of mouth
Miles City School District Miles City we offer farm fresh eggs and seasonally available fruits and vegetables on the salad bar Amanda (406) 234-9640 Staff 2009 500-1,000 50-75%                    
Missoula County Public Schools Missoula It isn't a "program," local items have developed into our business model Edward Christensen 406-728-2400 x5012 FoodCorps or AmeriCorps members 05-06 school year More than 2,500 25-50% continue identifying local cost effective items that can be incorporated into our meal pattern fresh produce (carrots, zucchini, kale, cabbage, apples), value-added produce, bulk dry pinto beans, flour, lentils, honey wheat montana, cascade colony, western montana growers coop, mountain view orchard 5% Once a week, depends on availability and price Daily and availability dependent Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op, Broadline distributor Sysco, FSA, Bakery and Restaurant Food Corps service member on site FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member
Montana Academy Marion Montana Academy students grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs for the school cafeteria where the produce is served to over 100 students and staff. Anna McHugh 206-940-3851 Administration, Staff  2000 100-500 0-25% Our goals include expanding our growing area, planting fruit trees, and using more season extension techniques to increase food production. Also more outreach! tomatoes, apples, cherries     Only on special occasions Once a week On-site garden, broadline distributor Sysco Montana Academy offers an Agricultural Studies course and has a large vegetable, herb, and fruit garden  
Ronan School District Ronan         Staff, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps members 2006 1,500-2,500 50-75% Continue to use local resourses. Milk, flour, bread, meat, fruit, veggies. Lake County Community Development Corporation 100000; 25% Once a week Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op, broadline distributor Sysco, FSA Working with teachers to let them know when we offer local FF&V in the classroom. Local cooperative, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member
Saco Public Schools Saco, Montana We just try to get products that are grown and processed as close to us as possible. We use Montana Beef and locally grown produce whenever possible. Jeanette Salveson 406-527-3531 Staff, Farmers or Ranchers, Processors or distributors 2005 Less than 100 50-75% To purchase as much of our food as possible locally Beef, Produce Bear Paw Meats  Montana Melons and Vegetables  East End Colony ? Once a month, when produce is in season Daily Directly from producer, local distributor or Co-op Food Services of America (FSA)   Farmer's Market, word of mouth
Sheridan Schools Sheridan We get about 95% of our beef from local ranchers.       Administration, Staff, Farmers or ranchers, processors or distributors 2010 100-500 50-75% Continue using local beef Only beef Various ranchers unknown approx 2 times a year 2 or 3 times a week Directly from producer     Work colleagues
Somers/Lakeside MT school Dist #29 Somers/Lakeside We buy local beef, apples, greens and vegetabls, both directly from farmers and through the Western MT Growers Coop Robin Vogler (406) 857-3661 x 208 Administration, staff, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps members, Farmers or Ranchers,  2006 100-500 50-75% To continue to buy from local farmers, plant and harvest our school gardens, host FoodCorps associates, look into procuring local milk beef, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, lentils on a regular basis. White's processing, Lower Valley processors, Western MT Growers Coop, Loon Lake Gardens, Moss Farm unknown Once a week Daily On-site garden, Directly from Producer, Local Distributor or Co-op Food Services of America (FSA) I teach a nutrition class to 7th-8th graders. We utilize the produce grown in our school garden in the cooking instruction segment and the students are hands on in the growing and harvesting. Local cooperative, FoodCorps or AmeriCoprs member, Farmer's market
Terry Public School Terry We use potatoes in the fall when they are freshly harvested; also purchase most of our fresh ground beef from a local producer and fresh garden vegetables are utilized from the community when available. Kim or Lynn Stickel 406-635-5595 Staff, Farmers or Ranchers,  2010 100-500 50-75% To continue to utilize as much local food as possible ground beef, stew meat, onions, eggs farmers/ranchers 15% every two weeks 2 to 3 times a week Directly from producer US Foods    
Whitefish Public School Whitefish We purchase and grow local produce and are in the process of securing local beef and pork for next school year. In addition, our milk and pasta come from within the state. Jay Stagg 406 862-8620 Administration, Staff, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps, Community Membes, Students, Farmers or Ranchers, Processors or distributors 2009 500-1,000 25-50% To secure local beef, pork, and turkey. Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, apples, milk, pasta, squash, and herbs. Terrapin Farms, Moss Farms, Darigold, local Lion's Club garden, Lower Valley Processing. 15000; 10% Once a week Once a week On-site garden, Directly from Producer, Local Distributor or Co-op Sysco, FSA 2 on-site gardens Local cooperative, FoodCorps or AmeriCorps member, Farmer's Market