Producer Database for Institutional Market

This database contains information about Montana food producers, processors, and distributors who are interested in selling to institutions. Here you can find info like product type, volume availability, distribution capacity, and more. If you are a food producer, processor, or distributor in Montana who would like to be included on this database, please email or call (406) 494-4572 to have your information added.


Total Producers Displayed: 67

Farm NameCityContactPhone/EmailFarming PracticesDescriptionDistribution
3 Fiddles FarmBozeman Karin Broughton 406-570-3800
Water conservation, pesticide free We are quite small and prefer to do face to face sales. That said, we feel it is incredibly important for children in schools and people in other institutions to have access to healthy food. We would transport the product ourselves
Alpine Organic FarmThree Forks Dave McCarson 406 223 3574
Certified Organic We specialize in growing heirloom vegetables and edible flowers in newly designed passive solar greenhouses. Alpine Organic Farm is located on 43 acres just outside Three Forks Montana and is owned and operated by Dave McCarson and Dawn Sampson. Alpine Organic Farm has been certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture since June 2011. We specialize in growing heirloom vegetables and edible flowers in newly designed passive solar greenhouses. In 2014 the farm will begin growing more varieties of heirloom vegetables outside the greenhouse. Independent distributors, CSA, farmers? markets, individual orders
Amaltheia Organic DairyBelgrade Nate Brown 406-579-6439
Certified organic, grassfed, GAP/GHP certified Products include melons, lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula, tomatoes, potatoes, winter squash, carrots, beets, onions, organic goat cheese, and organic whey-fed pork. They are interested in hosting educational field trips. We transport products ourselves, through broadline distributors (FSA or Sysco), and independent distributors (Marketday Foods)
B Bar RanchBig Timber Wes Henthorne 406-932-4197
Water conservation, certified organic, pesticide free, grassfed B Bar Ranch has a rare breed of White Park Cattle that they have sold to MSU, Hillcrest in Bozeman, Livingston Health Care, Sweet Grass County Schools, and Luther School. Transport ourselves and with independent distributors
Beaverhead Honey Co.Dillon Bob Barnes 406-683-4430
Honey Potentially
Big Sandy Meat Shop LLCBig Sandy Jim Dumas 406-378-2119
Custom Butcher shop and retail store. We custom cut beef, hogs, lambs and all wild game. We sell beef, pork, lamb, chicken, Wilcoxson's Ice Cream, and cheese. Just ask and we will see what we can do. We have Montana Raised Beef. We use MSG free sausage seasonings.
Big Sky Natural Beef, Inc.Dell Wally and Ann Congdon 406-925-1351
Montana certified grassfed and Montana certified natural beef. Montana certified grass-fed and Montana certified natural beef. They distribute state-wide
Blue Bay OrchardsPolson Dale Nelson 406-261-3180
We are GAP certified We offer cherries, Barlett pears, and Macintosh apples. Can deliver to Kalispell weekly through January. Can deliver in bigger quantities.
Boja Farm/On Thyme GourmetBelfry/Bridger Bonnie Martinell 406-664-3010
Non-Certified organic/biodynamic, chemical free This will be our 18th year in production. We have a reputation for producing clean, healthy, great tasting produce and products without harming the environment. We harvest apples, pears, peaches, plums, and apricots from July to October; gooseberries, red currents, purple raspberries in July; lettuce, spinach, and arugula from April to October; tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans from May to November; heritage potatoes, winter and summer squash, onions, and garlic from August to November. We sell to Red Lodge schools, Market Day Foods, and have a CSA. We also offer pie cherries. We transport products ourselves
Bumps BestDillon Robert and Katie Bump 406-683-6735
We offer garlic, potatoes, and other garden produce. Dillon's Farmers Market. Occasionally sold to UMW Food Service and have donated potatoes to the school cafeteria and local food pantry.
Cloud Nine FarmWilsall Allison and Seann Rooney (406) 578-2144
Organic farming methods Cloud Nine Farm is a biodiverse family farm practicing Permaculture and growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, seedlings, fruit trees and livestock 35 miles northeast of Bozeman, Montana near the ranching community of Wilsall. We farm using traditional organic farming methods such as crop rotation and cover-cropping, feed our animals Certified Organic grains, and never use harmful or poisonous chemicals or GMOs on our farm. Cooperative CSA, farmers’ markets, local distributors and individual orders
Crazy Mountain Grassfed Beef, LLCWilsall Danielle Nicholas Fisher 406-581-9101
Grassfed, Western Sustainability Exchange Sustainable Producer Eagle Ridge Ranch Beef is based in Bozeman with the ranch in Wilsall. They are a 100% woman-owned business and a recipient of the 2013 Shooting Star Grant from Montana Business and Professional Women\'s Association. Eagle Ridge will have around 4,000 lbs of beef processed by the end of the summer, plus 100-200 pounds of processed meats: brats, summer sausage, and jerky. Transport product ourselves
Crow's View FarmRonan Brianna Ewert 406-676-3276
Water conservation, pesticide free, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified) We are excited about the prospect of growing good food for institutional markets, and we are willing (and able) to accommodate market needs in our farm production. Western Montana Growers Co-Op, Transport product ourselves
Dixon MelonsDixon Harley and Joey Hettick 406-246-3526
Organic practices, not certified Vine ripened local grown cantelope, watermelons, honey orange and other exotic melons. WMCG, Farmer's Markets around the state, bulk some delivery from 400-800 lbs.
Dupuis Orchards Polson Oliver Dupuis 406-883-2324
Some organic, supposed to be GMO approved. We have cherries, both organic and non-organic. We have apples on Turtle Lake Road with orchards off Highway 35. We deliver in bulk/boxes for cherry and some flats
Farm to Table StoreGlendive Steve Baughman 406-377-4285
The Farm to Table Store features local, (MT & ND produced), natural and organic, allergy sensitive and bulk items.  We use UNFI, Azure Standard and  MT & ND  food and healthcare manufacturers to stock the store. In Store
Finn Creek FarmsBoulder Brent Sarchet 406-438-0026
On-Farm Food Safety Plan in place\\r\\nOrganic practices\\r\\nIntegrated Pest Management Diversified farm located in Jefferson County. We sell fruit and vegetables to local markets in the Helena area. We are passionate about supporting our local community. Local foods are healthier, not only for us, but for our environment. We keep our business local whenever possible. Distribute produce ourselves
Gallatin Grown, LLCChurchill Conni Mahoney 406-581-1628
Pesticide Free, transitional organic, GAP/GHP certified We started operating in 2012 on our 8-acre farm. This year we expect to harvest 5,500 lbs of carrots; 4,000 lbs of beets; and 15,000 lbs of red and yellow onions in September. We have extensive experience selling to institutions (MSU, Manhattan Christian School, Belgrade Schools, Bozeman Schools Livingston School, Mount Ellis Academy, Boulder School, Billings Mental Health Center). We transport products ourselves, Independent Distributor, Market Day Foods
Gallatin Valley BotanicalBozeman Matt and Jacy Rothschiller (406) 599-2361
Cover cropping, underseeding, beneficial insect attracting plantings, crop rotations Gallatin Valley Botanical is a certified organic farm in Bozeman, Montana run by Matt & Jacy Rothschiller. We are located 3 miles east of Bozeman on the fertile bottomlands of Rocky Creek. We’ve been growing produce for our community in Bozeman since 2003 and were fortunate enough to start working our own soil in 2008. We are cultivating around 12 acres and have planted it in a diverse array of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits. Cover cropping, underseeding, beneficial insect attracting plantings, crop rotations, soil testing, and observation all help us to maintain and monitor our soil fertility, insect and weed pressure, and overall farm health. CSA, Farmer’s Markets, Bozeman Community Food Co-Op, local grocery stores, independent distributors and individual orders
Geyser FarmLivingston Mark Rehder 406-222-7886
Chemical Free Market Farm Local
Groundworks FarmFort Shaw Eric Bergman 406-590-0508
Pesticide free, grassfed, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system Groundworks Farm will have 200-300 lbs of pork available in June and November, 200 lbs whole chickens in June and October. They could also sell some long storage and/or leafy green vegetables. Transport product ourselves
Harlequin ProduceArlee Kaly Hess 406-459-7217
Conservation tillage (contour tillage, reduced tillage, no-till), water conservation, certified organic, pesticide free IPM system We sell 70% of what we grow through Western Montana Growers' Cooperative. They handle our institutional account. We also have a CSA program. This year we expect to have: tomatoes: 7000lbs, green bell peppers: 4000lbs, potatoes: 5000lbs, carrots: 8500lbs, onions 4000lbs. WMGC
Lazy S-R RanchWilsall Dirk Adams (406) 578-2330
The Lazy SR Ranch believes that how food is raised and just as importantly, how it tastes are, if you will, essential ingredients of eating. Whether one is dining alone, or standing up, or breaking bread with friends or business associates, food is at the heart of human interaction, culture, society, and health. So we think what we do at the Ranch is important. And we think that our commitment not only to healthy food (really, who can honestly oppose healthy food?) but to food that tastes good, represents a commitment that many in the protein food industry do not make. institutions
Lohof Grass-Finished BeefOtter Christy Lohof 406-784-2549
All natural, Certified Grassfed by Animal Welfare Approved, Sage Grouse Initiative grazing practices, no hormones, no antibiotics, dry-aged, grassfed and finished. All natural, grassfed and grass-finished, no antibiotics, no hormones, no animal by-products, dry-aged. Bred, born, and slow grown on Montana range land for over 2 years! USDA inspected and Made in Montana. Transport the product ourselves.
LOHOF Grass-Finished MEATSOtter Patrick and Christy Lohof 406-784-2549
Lots of open space, High-protein grasses and ideal range land Our calves are born on their own in open pastures as the spring grass is appearing. The mother cows clean their calves, and the calves get busy nursing and learning to graze. Any cow which does not deliver and raise a live, healthy calf each year without assistance from us is sold. In this way we select for strong cows and calves adapted to our ranch. At a couple months of age, the calves are branded and castrated. They spend their summer rotating through grass pastures and always have free access to organic salt, organic mineral, and water.
Lower Valley Processing Inc.Kalispell Wes Plummer 406-752-2846
Lower Valley is a state-inspected facility that provides ground beef to Kalispell and Somers/ Lakeside schools. They sell in raw crumbles or patties. Transport product ourselves
Loyal to Local Community Agriculture CooperativeHamilton Amy Hutton 406-544-7074
Many of our growers are organic, GMO-free, and Homegrown Certified, though we do not require those certifications. Growing practices are listed on Co-op producers’ profiles on our website. We are working towards group GAP for 2019 The Loyal to Local Community Agriculture Cooperative is a farmer-created and member-run organization that is working to improve access to locally grown food. The Co-op strives to make local food more accessible to families, local businesses, and institutions, and we strive to build collaboration amongst farmers and the community.\r\nTo accomplish those goals, we provide an online marketplace, distribution coordination, and marketing support in order for local farmers to expand their markets and sell more locally-produced food within our community. we transport product ourselves
Madison Farm to ForkEnnis Demetrius Fassas
Madison Farm to Fork implements Good Agricultural Practices in order to grow chemical-free produce for our community. Madison Farm to Fork (MF2F), a non-profit organization established out of the \"take back our food\" conversation, has taken on the task of cultivating a countywide foodshed. MF2F seeks to promote sustainavle local agriculture through sponsorship of a Farmer's market, community outreach and Farm to School activities, and by growing produce to augment what is already produced in Madison County. MF2F currently operates a geothermally heated greenhouse and outdoor garden that supply produce to a farmers market, local restaurants, and the school in the town of Ennis. Food produced by Madison Farm to Fork is distributed personally by our greenhouse manager or other affiliates of the non-profit
Mannix Family Grass Finished BeefHelmville Scott Barger or Cole Mannix 406-793-5585
Conservation tillage, on-farm energy conservation and production, water conservation, grassfed, low-stress livestock handling,follow holistic management grazing practices, hormone and antibiotic free; multi-species grazing approach to weed control Seeley Lake schools, We have the potential to supply a large institution, we first need a commitment but could generate a supply. Transport product ourselves or through an independent distributor
Marias River FarmsChester Damian 406-680-7444
We do not plant controversial GMO (genetically modified/genetically altered) or little known Clearfield varieties on our farm. Our family is now in its 5th generation on the same land that was originally homesteaded in 1909, so you can bet we have learned a thing or two about farming. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver to you the finest crops in the Golden Triangle of Montana. You won’t find a better farmer offering whole grain for sale anywhere. Online
Meat MontanaBozeman Garl Germann 406-580-1812
Grassfed, all natural Meat Montana produces around 250,000 lbs. of all natural grass-fed Angus beef. They process animals from mid-summer until early winter, but keep frozen inventory on hand year round and have experience working with the institutional market. Transport product ourselves and with independent distributors ( Montana Fish Co.)
Mission Mountain Food Enterprise CenterRonan Shay Farmer 406-676-5901
Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center’s mission is to enhance regional and state economic opportunities by providing client services to value added agriculture and specialty food businesses through the management and operation of a viable community-based food processing center. Flexible, contact to discuss options
Montana Highland LambWhitehall Jenny Scott 406-287-3886
Pesticide free, all natural Montana Highland Lamb sells lamb frozen cuts, wholes, or halves, with a capacity of 5-6,000 lbs/ year. They are interested in hosting educational activities on their farm. Transport product ourselves and with independent distributors (Montana's Best Meats, Montana Fish Co.)
Montana Natural LambBig Timber Harv Van Wagoner 406-390-2740
Conservation tillage, water conservation, conventional Montana Natural Lamb sells frozen lamb cuts. They have sold to Livingston Health Care before and are interested in hosting educational field trips. Transport product ourselves and with independent distributors
Montana RootsLivingston Sam Mascari 406-848-1428
WSE sustainability certification. Our greenhouse is a large Aquaponics system that uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture. We are passionate about growing beautiful food; creating educational Aquaponic spaces for schools and offering nature-based stewardship programs for youth. Quality Food Distributing and delivered directly by producer
Montana Wagyu Cattle CompanyBelgrade Rick Woienski 406-451-5513
Conservation tillage, conventional Montana Wagyu Cattle Company sells all natural beef and has experience selling to institutions like UM and MSU. Transport product ourselves and with independent distributors
Moss FarmRollins Tom Moss 406-844-0411
Our crops are apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, pears and plums. We can do direct sales or there is potential to work with him through the WMG Co-op
Muddy Creek RanchWilsall David Shockey 406-578-2363
Conservation tillage, water conservation, grassfed, no homones, no antibiotics Muddy Creek Ranch produces 30,000 lbs of beef annually and can sell whole, half or individual pieces. They process at Stillwater Packing Company, a federally-inspected plant, and currently sell to Park High School. Transport ourselves
North Frontier Foods LLCLewistown Ole Norgaard 406-538-3607
Certified Organic using organic practices North Frontier Foods is a small organic company that makes the special Cornbread and Pancake mixes using a black/purple Indian Corn called Montana Morado Maize. Our mixes are certified organic and \"Made in Montana.\" \r\n\r\nThe owner, Ole Norgaard, is an organic farmer that currently leases an organic farm (650 acres), 13 miles west of Lewiston, Montana, where he grows organic wheat, barley, peas, sanfoin seed, triticale, alfalfa and grass hay and the special black/purple Indian Corn. He also runs about 30 organic beef cows. \r\n All products are shipped via US Postal Service, using USPS Regional Rate boxes or USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes.
Paul Kanning (Self-Proprietor)Flaxville Paul Kanning 406-783-7086
Conservation tillage practices Paul's family farm produces mainly spring wheat and lentils. They market through the Farmer's Elevator, a cooperative in Scobey, MT. Independent distributor
Pioneer MeatsBig Timber Brian Engle 406-932-4555
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, locally grown Pioneer Meats carries a variety of products- bulk burger and burger patties, smoked bratwurst (many artisan flavors available), bacon, summer sausage, peppersticks, jerky, etc. They have extensive experience working with institutions. Indpendent Distributors (MT Food Distributing and Ocean Beauty), maybe broadline vendors
Prairie Grass RanchHavre Jody Manuel 406-395-4143
Certified organic, grassfed, GAP/GHP certified Praire Grass Ranch hasn't sold to institutions before but has a variety of products to offer including spelt, kamut, rye, meat chickens, eggs (600 dozen per yr), 150 grass fed yearlings, 25 pastured hogs. They are interested in hosting educational field trips Transport ourselves
Prairie Heritage FarmPower Jacob Cowgill 406-396-1261
Water conservation, certified organic, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified). Primarly a CSA farm, grain CSA- unique varieties Tree fruits; leafy greens and cool season crops; tomatoes, peppers, beans, and warm season crops; potatoes, squash, and long storage crops; grains and/or legumes, Other (processed, value-added, etc.) We would transport the product ourselves
Price ProduceSavage Dale and Sue Price 406-798-3848
Conservation tillage, on-farm energy conservation and production, water conservation This year we will produce around 100 lbs each of squash and potatoes by September and October and 100 lbs of apples from August-October. We have sold to Glendive public schools, Savage schools, and Price schools and also have a CSA. We transport products ourselves
Quality Foods DistributingBozeman Kristie McGuire 406-551-2231
Started in 2010: grains and/or legumes, dairy and/or eggs, other (processed, value-added, etc.), refrigerated, frozen. Specialize in organic, natural, local, northern rockies regional items. Gallatin Valley, Big Sky, W. Yellowstone, Ennis, Paradise Valley, Livinston, Billings, Red Lodge, Butte, Helena, Missoula.
Quirk Cattle CompanyEureka Amy Driggs 406-889-3846
Grassfed, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified), follow holistic management grazing practices Quirk Cattle Company expects to have approximately 170 head available in late August. Depends on quantity and destination
Ranchland Packing CompanyButte Ashley or Justin Fischer 406-782-6371
USDA inspected. Offer certified grassfed programs and Waygu beef We are a wholesale meat processing company and we also offer custom meat processing. We currently serve UM, MSU and the Butte and Boulder school districts. Work with companies who distribute for us, such as MT Fish Company are biggest food distributor in state.
Root Cellar FoodsBelgrade Christina Angell (406) 600-1478
Root Cellar Foods converts locally grown vegetables into value-added, processed products for sale in the state of Montana. The demand for delicious, fresh foods is accompanied by a commitment to reducing the distance between farm and fork. That’s where we come in. Root Cellar Foods turns locally grown vegetables into ingredients that large-scale consumers – from grocery stores to restaurants – can use to prepare meals for customers. Farmers do the planting, growing and harvesting. We do the chopping, shredding, and slicing. Our processed, packaged foods allow consumers to enjoy Montana-grown vegetables not only during the growing season, but all year long. independent distributors, individual sales to institutions
Sand Creek FarmGlendive Alvin Hoff 406-939-1699
Sand Creek Farm has been producing a variety of quality edible beans for years as well as diverse produce, grains, and lamb. They hope to connect with more schools in the area and would be happy to host tours for students on their farm. Western Trails & Deliver product ourselves
Scents of Balance/KateBillings Kate Rossetto 406-245-9182
Conservation tillage, pesticide free We grow for a 16 member CSA and restaurants around Billings and can grow more. Products include basil, oregano, marjoram, oregano, chives, lavender, parsley, greens, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage from June until fall; warm season crops; carrots, beets, cabbage, winter squash, and onions through the fall. We transport products ourselves
Shannon WoodwardTownsend Shannon Woodward 406-461-4969
Over 400 apple trees up the side of the mountain. Can call for U-pick by reservation; same with potatoes, u-pick. Kids love it! U-pick, call to arrange, some delivery available
Strike FarmsBozeman Dylan Strike (406) 581-5483
Certified Organic, Sustainable Practices Strike Farms is a six acre, diversified organic farm just outside of Bozeman city limits. We are committed to providing high quality, sustainably-grown vegetables to our local community. We grow well over 100 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers each season that can be found through our summer and winter CSA programs, summer and winter farmers\\\' markets, Town and Country Foods, the Community Food Co-Op, Heebs, Rosauers and several area restaurants. CSA, farmer\\\'s markets, Quality Foods Distributing, Community Food Co-op, independent distributors and individual orders.
Swanson's Mountain View Apple OrchardCorvalis Swanson Family 406-961-3434
Follow GAP guidelines and organic practices, not certified. Apples go through four washes before sales. Started in 1907, Swanson's is now in its 4th generation. We offer about 30 varieties of apples from our orchards. Macintosh is the main variety, but we offer many good varities for eating and cooking. Distribute ourselves along I-90. We would try to work with people who are interested.
Terrapin FarmWhitefish Judy Owsowitz 406-862-6362
Certified organic Certified organic farm, we teach young farmers and are involved in seed production and the Triple Divide seed co-op.We partner with retail and CSA. We offer carrots, specialty onions, leeks, jersualum artichoke, and a variety of products. CSA, Farmer's Markets, Wholesale throughout the valley, work with distribution network
The Oil BarnBig Sandy Not Available 406-378-2106
We never use any chemical solvents in our extraction process. Our oil is all natural, low temperature, expeller-crushed from hi-oleic safflower grown on our farm. The Oil Barn is a small, farmer owned safflower oil operation nestled between the beautiful Bear Paw Mountains and the mighty Missouri River, southeast of Big Sandy in North Central Montana. We produce hi-oleic safflower oil used by our customers for many uses including baking, frying, sauteing as well as skin and body care products. We currently sell to UM in Missoula. Our current distribution is primarily in and around Havre, Great Falls and Missoula. After harvest 2013 we anticipate expanding our distribution throughout Montana.
The Wicked Good FarmWhitefish Brooke Bohannon 406-471-3287
Conservation tillage, water conservation, pesticide free, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified) The Wicked Good Farm is a small urban farm located in the heart of Whitefish. We are a diversified vegetable farm that specialize in greens including; asian greens, lettuce mix, kale, spinach, beet greens. We supply several local restaurants, offer Community Supported Agriculture shares, and attend the Whitefish Farmers’ market on Tuesday evening during the summer. Transport product through Wicked Good Produce
Three Hearts FarmBozeman Betsy Hicks (406) 600-8874
Certified Organic, Pesticide free, Follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified), IPM system, no spray (not even organicides), no chemicals, herbicide free. We grow cool season crops, warm season crops, and long storage veggies though the amount depends on the commitment from institutions. We can provide a lot of food (tons) but won\'t unless we are sure there is a market for it. Transport product ourselves.
Timeless SeedsConrad Heather Hadley 406- 278-5722
Certified organic to National Organic Program standards Timeless Seeds, Inc. is a certified organic grower, processor, marketer of lentils, peas, flax, and specialty heirloom grains. Founded on the farm of David Oien in Conrad in 1987 by four organic farmers. We pack in 50 lb. and 25 lb. bags and in a 1 lb. retail format. In 2015 we also will offer a 5 lb. food service format. We currently process approximately 1.25 Million lbs/annum and market within Montana, domestically, and to export customers. Our crops are grown by 15-20 certified organic family farmers in central and eastern Montana.\r\n\r\n We have distribution to Montana stores, restaurants, schools, universities, and institutions via Quality Food Distributing in Bozeman, Western Montana Growers in Missoula, Market Day Foods in Bozeman.\r\n\r\n
Towne's Harvest GardenBozeman Kara Landolfi
Certified organic, conservation tillage, water conservation, WSE certified, pesticide free, follow GAP/GHP guidelines (not certified), IPM system, soil conservation (crop rotation) Towne\'s Harvest is a four acre organic vegetable farm that operates as part of MSU\'s Sustainable Food and Bioenergy System\'s curriculum. Students assist in the operation of the farm. CSA program, Campus Farm Stand, Community Food Truck mobile markets, independent distributor, individual orders
Western Montana Growers CooperativeMissoula Dave Prather 406-493-0859
With 38 producer members, WMGC sells all sorts of produce, grains, legumes, dairy, meat, and processed items such as coined carrots and lentil patties. Western Montana (93 corridor from Hamilton to Whitefish), Butte, Helena, Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, north Idaho
Western TrailsGlendive Peggy Iba 406-377-4284
Western Trails Food cleans and packages local beans, garbanzos, lentils and Montana grown wheat, barley and flax.  We do value added products like flour, soup mixes, bread mixes, pancake mixes and a cookie mix. Please visit our online store to order. To see where you can buy our products in your neighborhood check the retail outlets page. We use the friends and neighbors distribution system.
Wheat Montana Farms and BakeryThree Forks Not Available 800-535-2790
We use sustainable farming practices, have some organic grain and flour items, our mill items are kosher certified, and bakery items are all natural and preservative-free Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery is family-owned and operated. We have capacity for wheat milling, packaging, and a bakery and deli. Many of our whole wheat products fulfill the new grain requirements for school lunch programs. We have several ways we can work with buyers to distribute. Most institutions buy our products through FSA, Sysco, or an independent distributor, though we can also do direct ship distribution (DSD) depending on the size of the order.
Wholesome FoodsBridger Marguerite Jodry, Assistant Manager 406-596-0492
We manage a careful alfalfa-wheat-barley-vegetable rotation, and will be adding cover crops in future years.  Our grazing land is managed under an intensive grazing program designed to maximize soil fertility and drought resistance.  As well as being certified organic, we believe in implementing practices that protect not only the health of our land but the health of our customers.  We have a Food Safety Policy in place, based off of current Good Agricultural Practices, and carefully train all of our employees so that we can ensure a clean, healthy product reaches our customers. Wholesome Foods is a 1,000 acre Certified Organic farm and ranch with a mission to produce healthy, organic food for our community using sustainable practices and to educate, mentor and inspire the next generation of farmers.  We raise grass fed cattle, free range hogs, poultry and several acres of vegetables as well as all of the alfalfa, wheat, and barley used to feed our animals. Weekly deliveries to Billings and Red Lodge with possible stops in the surrounding area.  Some sales through Market Day Foods to the greater Gallatin Valley.  Beef and pork are sold primarily direct to customer and only retailed at the Good Earth Market Coop in Billings.
Windwalker RanchGreat Falls Richard Liebert 406-736-5791
Conservation tillage, on-Farm energy conservation and production, water conservation, pesticide free Windwalker Ranch is a1,004 acre farm that is very active in the Farmer's Union. They process through Vaughn Meat Packing, a state-inspected plant in Vaughn, MT. Through pick-up at processor or indpendent distributor
Winebarks Old World Specialty Meats, LLCShelby Duane Winebark 406-239-5053
All natural, no additives, no nitrates, no MSG, no preservatives, lactose free, no GMO\'s, low-salt, low-fat, gluten free. Old World Specialty Meats: Breakfast Sausage, Kielbasa, Garlic, Sweet Hot Italian, Ribs Distribute ourselves.
Yellowstone Bean CompanyBridger Todd Curtiss 406-662-3622
Yellowstone Bean Company is a cleaning and packaging facility that contracts with local growers. They have supplied Missoula schools with pinto beans and could contract yearly with other institutions after harvest in September. Yellowstone Bean is open to hosting educational field trips. Transport product ourselves
Yellowstone Grassfed BeefJ Bar L ranch in Twin Bridges and Two Dot Land and Livestock in Harlowton. The beef company is based out of Bozeman. Spencer Buck 406-581-3040
Holistic land managment (Savory Institute Methods), Low stress livestock handling, alternative predator managment via the Centennial Valley Range Rider Association, 100% grassfed, grass finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, GMO free, no feed lots Yellowstone Grassfed Beef is a partnership of two ranches where rural people grow great tasting all natural, grass fed beef. It’s that simple. You can rest assured that the beef you purchase is good for you, good for the land and raised in a caring, sustainable manner.\\r\\nAt a time when food is mass produced and health and taste are sacrificed for speed and profits, Yellowstone Grassfed Beef offers something different. Something much better and healthier! Here beneath the snow-capped peaks of southwest Montana, our partnership of like-minded ranchers believes in land stewardship, ethical ranching practices, and taking extra time and care to produce exceptional quality beef.\\r\\nJ Bar L Ranch in Twin Bridges and Two Dot Land and Livestock in Harlowton produce beef as a part of this Bozeman based company. Free delivery by ourselves in the Gallatin Valley, out side we use Summit Distribution, Quality Foods Distributing, Ocean Beauty and Western Montana Growers COOP